Toleranță, cultură și business

Revenind la toleranță, diferența dintre culturi și business. Vă propun să citiți 2 articole, primul scris de americanul Fred Wilson#startupvisa

Some huge percentage of startup companies in this country are founded by immigrants. Not surprising. It has always been that way in America. But in the wake of 9/11, we’ve shut our borders and become intolerant of people from other cultures. Over time that will result in the sclerosis of our economy and the decline of america as the locus of capitalism and the american dream. Continuare

Și, al doilea articol semnat de Milo YiannopoulosNo wonder the UK lags behind America: we’re a bitter and broken nation

We’re profoundly ashamed of success. There’s a culture of envy deeply ingrained in the British psyche that poisons politics, relationships and business. Successful people are torn down with glee in the media. We barely raise an eyebrow at it. Continuare

Care e morala? Unde poate fi mai rău decît acasă?!:)

Actualizare. Diferența dintre noi și ei e că la dînșii lucrurile se mai schimbă. Guvernul britanic a dat unda verde pentru antreprenori, mai multe detalii găsiți aici: Government ‘rolls out the red carpet’ for entrepreneurs and investors

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